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Nanomaterials and their origin

Nanotechnologies exploit or construct structures of the order of quiche tens of nanometers and can be of various origins. So when you hear about nanomaterials, a lot of things come together in the group. There are natural nanomaterials, which a billion-year history has given us and from which we try to learn as many things as possible. There are also “involuntary” nanomaterials, ie those that are accidentally produced as by-products of industrial processes, for example in mines and metalworking, or in the combustion engines that power our vehicles. …

First steps in the world of Python

Behind the scenes of Python

Whether you run Python code as a script or run it in a shell, the interpreter does a lot of work to complete the execution of the program’s instructions, which can be divided into a series of steps:

1. The interpreter reads a Python expression or sentence, the so-called source code, and verifies that it is syntactically well formulated. In this phase the interpreter behaves like a rigorous English teacher who rejects any sentence that does not conform to the syntax, that is, to the grammatical rules of the language itself. As soon as the interpreter detects an error, it…


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